Your 2022 Kitchen Renovation & The Supply Chain

When the COVID-19 pandemic touched down in 2020, every industry was feeling the pinch of uncertainty. One of the biggest issues that continues today is supply chain disruption of most of the things we use every day, and the supplies we need to build new things.

In addition to supply chain delays in terms of shipments from other countries, there was a surging demand for lumber and other materials, as people were homebound and looking to do renovations. Shortages in the lumber it takes to make cabinets, windows and doors, appliances, plumbing fixtures and more have made it difficult for people to get timely renovations completed.

Why The Renovation Supply Chain Is Still Problematic

It takes time to recover from such a disruption in the global supply chain. Surging demands, along with factory shutdowns because of COVID, slowed down the production of many source and finished materials.

Additionally, companies globally slowed down production for a time and laid off workers. It’s been difficult to catch up. All this resulted in longer lead times, an increase in the cost of goods, and a lack of available talent to actually do home renovations.

How The Supply Chain USUALLY Impacts the Kitchen Cabinet Industry

Traditionally, the steps in the kitchen cabinet supply chain go something like this:

  1. Lumber suppliers look for wood to sell to materials suppliers, from a reliable source that they can place orders with whenever necessary.
  2. They purchase the wood and then sell it to materials suppliers, who turn around and sell it to cabinet manufacturers.
  3. Cabinet manufacturers use the wood to construct cabinets.
  4. The cabinets are then sold to distributors, contractors, retail stores, and even sometimes direct to homeowners.

So, a shortage of raw material jams up the supply chain, and a lack of available labor slows the construction of new kitchen cabinets. Everybody must wait longer for cabinets, and kitchen renovations are delayed.

How To Avoid Supply Chain Delays When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Working with a renovation company that manufactures their own cabinets, and sources from US-based businesses, can speed up the process and cut costs. American sources of raw materials have stepped up their game to work around the containers stranded at ports and globally slowed production.

In mid-2021, many experts thought that the supply chain disruption would start to ease by the end of the year. Now, in 2022, shipments are still slow to arrive and the myriad of problems many renovation companies experienced are still present.

B+M Cabinetry Plus gets their raw materials from American sources for the manufacture of our cabinets. So, you get your cabinets, fixtures, etc. faster, and your cost stays within budget. And, because we use US-sourced raw materials, we can create custom cabinet solutions to make your kitchen one-of-a-kind.

B+M Cabinetry Plus is a woman-owned local business that offers a lot of solutions for your custom kitchen needs. We have a showroom in Maryland, and an online showroom so you can shop for your new kitchen components from the comfort of your own home.

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